August, already?

The past seven months have flown by. 
When I started this blog, I was about to close my second run of A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theatre. The new year was days away, and I felt a vast expanse of possibility. So, I did the opposite of what I'd usually do, which is freak out, I collected my thoughts, and I wrote out my resolutions in the form of a "want-to-do" list.
1. Travel- Check! I took a cruise with my boyfriend to Cozumel and swam with dolphins! I traveled to Beaumont to watch my friend get married, and then got stuck there due to a snowstorm and bonded with people I hadn't seen in years over Taco Bell and wine. I drove to San Antonio with my band and sang for a room of corporate big-wigs in a pair of gold glitter heels. I celebrated my other friend's birthday in Weimar, Texas, with fire flies and some delicious, home-made barbecue. I went to New York to wish my good friend safe travels as he embarks on a year-long contract in China, where he will teach English. That same week, my boyfriend and I traveled to California, where we watched a beautiful wedding ceremony in the woods and mountains of Lake Arrowhead.
2. Dance- Check... ish? I took a few dance classes, not as many as I liked... Ok. So... maybe four dance classes, but I learned to partner with myself. In the last seven months, I've picked up some great eating habits (that may or may not have been broken by my recent wisdom teeth extractions) and discovered what it means to embrace the body I have from the inside. I got stronger this year. I manifested health and healthy patterns. I employed balance in my personal life and have made real changes in my lifestyle and diet that are sticking. I took a month off of drinking and realized what alcohol means to my social life, my physical and mental health, and my relationships. I allowed myself to be vulnerable. I feel focused, grounded, and ready.
3. Bigger apartment- We moved! and we love it. The location is perfect, and our kitties have so much space to run around, and we have more space for things they can knock over! Will and I are so happy. We got a sectional! And we have a disposal and dishwasher. Is this real life?
4. Book and stay booked- Check!!! Back in December, I was looking forward to two shows- The Little Edelweiss, which was a staged reading about a member of the playwright's family, was a great challenge for me, and I really enjoyed it. I wore a 30 pound harness with a puppet attached, complete with eyelashes and the most fabulous nails I've ever seen on a puppet (Sorry, Miss Piggy). Melitta, the character I played, was Austrian. Learning that accent and finding new ways to express emotion with a puppet were both great learning experiences. From April to the end of July, I portrayed Pickles, a hysterically pregnant 17-year old with an affinity for cheese puffs, in The Great American Trailer Park Musical. I am so thankful to have had that experience. I'm so lucky to have had the chance to belt, dance, laugh, and act like a fool with some of the most talented people in Houston.
I've been auditioning a lot this summer too. I swallowed my fear and tried two classical monologues, added more to my rep book, and am getting closer to identifying my type. I learned that the best audition is a prepared audition. Learning this has given me a sense of confidence and drive. As fo my next project- I've been leaving hints around social media, but I cannot wait to officially announce it! I'm very excited and can't wait to start rehearsal!
In the last month, I was hired to teach voice with the Vivaldi Music Academy in Memorial. I have my first two lessons today! Wish me luck!
My band, Danny Ray and the Acoustic Production, has also booked me until at least the end of the year.
2018 was hard work, and it is paying off. I'm ready for more, but I'm also ready to enjoy some down time. 

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